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Get down to Revolution Pizza & Kitchen and dive into some of Dublin’s tastiest pizzas, tacos, wings and more. Dinner is from 4 pm to 10 pm on Fridays, and 5 pm to 10 pm the rest of the week.

Our menu is inspired by the bright vibrant flavours of Southern California. Everything is made fresh to order and using the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Whether it’s our light airy pizzas with charred crust topped with fresh seasonal toppings, or our cornflour tacos (gf) filled with choice of chargrilled meats & fishes, and topped with house made, flavour filled salsas, you are guaranteed to find something that wows your palate.

Close your eyes and you can almost feel that California sunshine on your back, and the ocean breeze as you enjoy an ice cold corona or glass of wine. A recently developed cocktail menu including epic spicy margaritas and espresso martinis means there’s always a great reason to visit the Revolution.

Signature pizzas at the Revolution Rathgar
Delicious pizza The Revolution Rathgar

Daily Promotions

Pizza Mondays – All Pizzas €12

Taco Tuesdays – Free Btl of Corona with every portion of tacos ordered

Wine Wednesday – Select €6 glasses of wine

Weekend Bottomless Brunch – All You Can Drink Mimosas €18 (2hr max)

daily 17.00 to 22.00 and Fri 16.00 to 22.00


Tacos and Burritos

Carne Asada tacos at The Revolution

Three Tacos served on 4″ Cornflour Tortillas
with fries/salad

add an extra taco – 5

Dinner and brunch at The Revolution

Mexican Mixed Grill – 32

Chargrilled chicken,flank steak and king prawnsserved with a side of fries,guacemole,mixed veg, salsas, aioli and warmed corn tortillas

Carne Asada Tacos (gf) – 20.5

Marinated Irish flank steak, sauteed onions, avocado, salsa verde, fresh coriander

Beer Battered Cod Tacos – 19.5

Pico de gallo, diced mango, coriander, aioli

Carnitas Pork Tacos – 19.5

Red chili, orange chunks, avocado, crispy onions

Chipotle Mushroom Tacos (gf)

(v) – 19.5

Sauteed mixed mushrooms, onions, guacamole, feta

King Prawn Tacos (gf) – 21.5

Chargrilled prawns, sauteed onions, diced mango, red chili, feta crumbles, coriander, aioli


Grilled Chicken Tacos (gf) – 19.5

Sauted onions, jalapeno salsa, coriander

Chicken Enchiladas – 24

Shredded chicken, sauteed onions and salsa verde wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with melted cheddar, sour cream and pico di gallo. Served with fries & guacemole

California Burrito – 19.5

Marinated Irish flank steak, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar, fries, in a flour tortilla with salsa verde, and served with black beans and salted tortilla chips

Stone Baked Pizzas

Extra Toppings 1.5€ each

Classic (v) – 15

House made tomato sauce, fresh
cut basil and mozzarella

The Revolution – 15

Pepperoni, salami, chorizo, house made tomato sauce and mozzarella

Deans Dish (v) – 15

Garlic oil base, roasted butternut squash & courgettes, goat cheese, mozzarella, walnuts, lemon zest

Wild Boar – 15

Wild boar sausage, portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic, caramelised onions, mozzarella with a drizzle of Irish honey

Nduja Pizza – 15

Nduja sausage, pepperoni, red peppers, roasted jalapenos, mozzarella and fresh ricotta

Pierces Pie 2.0 – 15

Roasted red peppers, portobello mushrooms, basil pesto, parmesan shavings and mozzarella

Wild Mushroom (v) – 15

Wild mushrooms, basil pesto, goats cheese, red onions, rocket leaves and black truffle oil

Double Pepperoni – 15

Pepperoni, mozzarella, chili flakes and fresh basil

The Rathgar – 15

Salami, wild boar sausage, roasted red chilis, fresh basil, mozzarella

Pizza di Ludovico – 15

Chorizo, house made pesto, roasted pine nuts, fresh ricotta, mozzarella and fresh basil

Pizza d’Adriano – 15

Pepperoni, roasted jalapenos, grilled red onions, mozzarella and fresh basil

Northshore – 15

Irish smoked bacon, grilled pineapple chunks, ​roasted chilies and mozzarella

SoCal – 15

Shredded chicken , roasted jalapenos & red chili, mozzarella, pickled red onion, jalapeno salsa, coriander



Garlic & herb
Salsa verde
Basil pesto mayo
Hot honey

2 each



Served with fries – Can be parmesan fries

​​The Revolution Cheese burger – 19.5

Chargrilled Irish beef topped with aged Dubliner white cheddar, vine tomatos, caramelised red onions, pickles, on a brioche bun with side of ketchup

​Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger – 19.5

Crunchy fried Irish chicken thigh, sriracha hot sauce, house made dill pickles, pickled red onions, fresh coriander

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Burger – 19.5

Buttermilk fried chicken on bed of rocket with mascarpone, nduja, hot honey and pesto mayo




King Prawn Tostados (gf) – 13

Crunchy tortillas with guacemole, grilled king prawns with lemon and garlic, pico de gallo and feta crumbles

Chips & Guac (gf) (v) – 9.5

Salted tortilla chips with house
made guacamole, served with jalapeno salsa

Hot Honey Buffalo Chicken Strips – 12

Buttermilk fried chicken, dunked in buffalo & hot honey sauce with side of house aioli

Slow Cooked Chicken Wings – 11/15

Choice of  asian bbq with crushed cashews & red chili or spicy buffalo with blue cheese



Charred Tenderstem Broccoli

(gf) (v) – 9.5

Charred on a cast iron skillet, with roasted garlic, pine nuts and chimichurri

Mac & Cheese (v) – 8.5

Penne pasta in aged white cheddar sauce, shredded parmesan and fresh thyme

Make a double portion
​Add wild boar/wild mushrooms/chorizo  2

Parmesan Fries (GF,V) – 8

Parmesan shavings,roasted garlic, black truffle oil



Revolution Loaded Fries (gf)

House cut fries topped with pulled pork, avocado, aged cheddar, red chilli, coriander

Mango & Avocado Salad (gf)(v) – 8/15

With rocket leaves, pickled red onions, feta cheese, cashew nuts and lime dressing

Add chicken 4/flank steak 5/king prawns 7


Please ask your server for current selection of desserts or after dinner cocktails and coffees


Craft Beers and Wine

Please Feel Free to Ask For Recommendations & Pairings


Draught Beer

O’Brother Brewing Irish Lager (Wicklow) – 6.95

O’Brother Brewing ‘Dreamcatcher’ IPA

(Wicklow) – 6.95

Bottled Beer

Corona Lager (Mexico) – 6

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (U.S.A.) – 6.5

Cherry Chouffe (Belgium) – 8.5

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissen (Germany) – 6.5

Weihenstephaner Helles Lager (Germany) – 6.5

Duvel 666 Blonde (Belgium) – 7.9

Dan Kellys Irish Cider – 6.5


* Available By The Glass


Pinot Grigio, Luigi Rigetti* – 7.5/36

Veneto, Italy

Albarino, Aveleda
Alvarinho* – 8/37

Vinho Verde, Portugal

Sauvignon Blanc, Pear
Tree* – 8.75/42

Marlborough, New Zealand

Chardonnay, Domaine
Lafage – 39

Languedoc, France

Viognier, Mont Redon Blanc – 45

Cote Du Rhone, France

Gavi Di Gavi, Michele Chiarlo ‘Palas’ – 45

Gavi, Italy


Cabernet Sauvignon blend,
Sobriero* – 7.5/35

Setubal, Portugal

Montepulciano, I Lauri
‘Bajo’* – 7.5/36

Abruzzi, Italy

Malbec, Killka* – 8.5/40

Valle de Uco, Argentina

Chianti DOCG, Carpineto – 45

Tuscany, Italy

Valpolicella, Domini del Lione – 49

Veneto, Italy

Tempranillo, Gomez Cruzado Crianza – 52

Rioja, Spain

Bubbles and Rosé

Prosecco Frizzantee, Cornaro* – 7.5/35

Doc Treviso, Italy

Rose/Rioja Clarete, Karman* – 8/39

Rioja, Spain

Sparkling Rose, Lubanzi* – 8.5/42

Swartland, South Africa

Mixed Drinks

Dingle Gin & Citrus Tonic – 11

Spicy Margarita – 12.5

Espresso Martini – 12.5

Old Fashioned – 12.5


Mimosa – 7.5

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Wiehenstephaner N/A Lager (Germany) – 5

Athletic Brewing ‘Run Wild’ N/A IPA (U.S.A.) – 5.5

All About Kombucha – 3.5

Lemon & Ginger//Blueberry & Mint//Raspberry

House Made Mint Lemonade – 3

Coke//Coke Zero//7up//Club Orange – 3

Still & Sparkling Water (330/750ml) – 3/5

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